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BoxWave iPad 2 Smart Sleeve (Black)

Cheap BoxWave iPad 2 Smart Sleeve (Black) Discount Review Shop

BoxWave iPad 2 Smart Sleeve (Black)

BoxWave iPad 2 Smart Sleeve (Black) Feature

  • Crafted with Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU)
  • Ultra low profile case
  • Subtle matte finish texture
  • Slim, form-fitting case designed to perfectly fit your iPad 2
  • Lightweight, durable design protects from scratches and bumps without adding bulk

BoxWave iPad 2 Smart Sleeve (Black) Description

Cheap BoxWave iPad 2 Smart Sleeve (Black) Discount Review Shop BoxWave's Smart Sleeve is the one your iPad 2 has been waiting for!  This Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) case was specifically designed to be paired with Apple's Smart Cover.  The Smart Sleeve picks up where the Smart Cover leaves off, providing durable protection for the back of your iPad 2.  When combined, the result is all-around protection for your iPad 2 - truly a match made in heaven!  Don't be fooled by the Smart Sleeve's slim, flexible, and lightweight appearance.  Its TPU construction makes it one of our most resilient, durable cases yet.  The Smart Sleeve protects your iPad 2 from scratches and scuffs without adding bulk.  The flexibility makes the Smart Sleeve easy to slip on, but keeps it securely in place.    The Smart Sleeve is conveniently designed with cut-outs that provide easy access to all of the iPad 2's speakers, controls, and ports.  Of especial importance is the cut-out section specifically designed to fit the Smart Cover hinge, allowing your iPad 2 to utilize both cases simultaneously.  The open front design of the Smart Sleeve provides optimal access to the touchscreen, giving you the same tactile feel as using the iPad 2 without a case.    In addition to adding style, the glossy front edges of the Smart Sleeve also provide added protection to your screen.  Since the edges are raised, they provide a slightly elevated resting place for your Smart Cover.  This gives you extra protection from scratches without sacrificing the sleep and wake function of the Smart Cover magnets.  With a subtle matte texture on the back, the Smart Sleeve has a finish that you will never want to put down.    The Smart Sleeve is available in a variety of colors that are designed to match the Apple Smart Cover color options, keeping your iPad 2 in perfect harmony.

BoxWave iPad 2 Smart Sleeve (Black) Detail

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